Music Workshops
with Michalis Kouloumis

Michalis Kouloumis returns to Athens for a new artistic collaboration with Baumstrasse. The
distinguished violinist invites you to a series of music workshops focused on the Classical
music of Constantinople, widely known as Ottoman Classical music.

The participants will study unique musical examples of Armenian, Turkish, Mevlevi Sufi,
Jewish, Persian and Greek composers who lived in Constantinople between the 15th and the
20th century. In parallel, they will explore the fascinating world of makams, while basic
teaching tools will be improvisation (taksim), analysis of recordings and group practicing. One
of the most important educational objectives of the workshop is the emergence of music as a
live act; the empirical learning of music through the interaction within the group members.

Bowed strings: violin, viola, cello, Istanbul/Cretan lyra, yayli tanbur
Plucked strings: kanun, oud, lavta, contrabass, rabab, tanbur
Percussion: riq, bendir, kudum
Wind: clarinet, voice, ney

SUNDAY 23rd and MONDAY 24th of September
You can apply for the auditions in
Audition repertoire: 1 piece from the Ottoman Classical music and 1 piece of your choice
Recommended repertoire here

Deadline for applications: Thursday, September 20th

Dates/Hours of Seminar:
SATURDAY and SUNDAY, 12:00 - 15:00
The workshops will run on a monthly basis, starting on 6th-7th of October 2018 and ending on
the 8th-9th of June 2019.
October 6-7
November 10-11
December 8-9
January 12-13
February 2-3
March 9-10
April 6-7
May 11-12
June 8-9

8, Servion Str, Votanikos, Athens
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / tel: 00357 99 529 754 (Michalis Kouloumis)