Mask making Workshop with Alfredo Iriarte | 7th-11th of December

Two mask making workshops are running from the 7th - 11th of December.
One for leather Commedia dell arte masks and another for expressive masks.

For more details or to book a place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - limited places available.

10AM - 2PM - Commedia Masks
6PM - 10PM - Εxpressive Μasks

*materials fees have already been included in your tuition

LEATHER MASK making workshop
Contruction of a Commedia leather mask from an existing mould

The workshop
- Face morphology
- Study of distinctive characteristics of commedia characters
- Tools and technics of mask making
Selection of character
Preparation of the leather, leather moulding, cutting, colouring and finishing.

By the end of the workshop the participants will keep their own masks

- Cow tanned leather
- Inks suitable for leather (Brown, black, red). Varnish.
- Contact adhesive.
- Non harmonic steel thread (1mm thick).
- Elastic (2cm thick).
- Particular tools for mask making.


EXPRESSIVE MASK making workshop
Construction of expressive mask for theatre in cartapesta (paper-mache)

The workshop
Study of emotions and how facial features change with emotions. Characteristics of theatrical characters. Face morphology.
Character selection, sketch of ideas and clay modelling.
Construction of plaster mould.
Cartapesta production and mask making using the mould.
Masks finishing (smoothing, cutting and painting)
Tools and technics of mask making.

By the end of the workshop the participants will keep their own masks and the respective mould that will allow to make reproductions

Notebook, pencil and eraser
Plastic enduido
Thick and thin sandpaper
Vinyl adhesive
Grey cardboard
Elastic (3 cm thick)
Contact adhesive
Acrylic paints: Napole yellow, tierra siena, toasted tierra siena, black, red, white and yellow



Uruguayan. Actor, director, teacher, plastic artist and mask maker. With more than 25 years in the performing arts, he has been always searching and working towards a theatre accessible to all.

He studied with great masters including Thomas Prattki, Norman Taylor, Josι Maria Lσpez, University of Chile DuocUC (Viρa del Mar), Michael Brown (Columbia College Chicago), Quinn Bauriedel (Pig Iron School Philadelphia), Theatre Amoeva Corea, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) and the members of the Teatro Nucleo (Italy).

He is member of the Catalinas Sur group and the Zanquinas group.

Alfredo is a world leader in mask making. His masks are sold all over the world and used by countless artists. Some of his masks have the honour to be in hands of well-known teachers such as Norman Taylor, Prattki Thomas, Jeremy James, Cabuia Theatre and Allan Mollot.

Since 2005 he participates in the realization of masks and scenography objects and set design and staging for Agarrate Catalina (Uruguay). Currently, apart from the mask making work done in his workshop in La Boca (Buenos Aires), he is teaching at the Escuela Metropolitana de Arte Dramαtico de Buenos Aires and at the Escuela Internacional de Creaciσn Teatral y Movimiento Cabuia.