Petros Klampanis solo in Athens | Kickstarter Launch Concert


Petros Klampanis is an artist that keeps expanding his musical world, with each one of his consecutive projects. Although he is more known as a Jazz bassist and composer, Klampanis is an avid admirer of classical music, pop music, as well as folk music traditions, not only from Greece, but from around the world.

His solo project though, follows a more experimental path. Petros Klampanis is playing with the boundaries of silence and sound, the obvious and unexpected. He revisits songs that he loves, through a distinctively personal point of view, using a double bass, ankle bells, a classical guitar, looper and electronics, as well as a keyboard.

As the title of the event states, this concert is the kick-off event of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for 'Irrationalities', Klampanis' forth album.

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