Mısırlı Ahmet Workshop

Saturday May 11, 17.00
Sunday May 12, 17.00

Limited number of participants
Baumstrasse : Servion 8, 2th floor, Athens, Greece
For more details or to book a place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or call +306946393094)

In the spring nature’s rhythms are changing. Everything looks more beautiful and we feel an unexplained Joy that we want to share. This spring brings to Athens the vibrant legend of percussions, Misirli Ahmet.
Misirli Ahmet is the man Who through his personal view & route has influenced and inspired percussionists from all over the world. He is returning after many years to the country which he loves very much, to meet and share with us 2 days full of rhythms & Joy, where we Will all be synchronized together and become one.
This legend managed to confront his personal truth through the eyes of his soul & managed to break down all boundaries to open New paths and getaways to Master darbuka playing.
He Will share with us during those 2 days his unique and expressive technique which created a new body to music. 2 days In which we Will play with time and we ll get out of the prison of time.
Our appointment will be on the 11th and 12th of May In the special place of Baumstrasse.
This workshops In not only for the darbuka players, yet it is for all percussionists and anyone who is playing or loves music, rhythm and dance.
It welcomes you to be present, «to be there», to be tuned to the moment & leave behind what you already know.

Mısırlı Ahmet is born In 1963 In Ankara, Turkey. At a young age he started playing darbuka and very soon he became one of the most recognized players In the world. His need and hunger to experiment led him abroad. Decisive his stay In Egypt where he got so inspired.
This inspiration got him to appreciate & understand closely the Arabic music & the Egyptian playing technique, which is very different from the Turkish technique. He adopted it & it influenced him to develop a New technique, which totally transformed darbuka playing.

This transformation not only projected the additional physical Cao abilities of this instrument, but also reviled its expressive nature much further, creating and pioneering a new era for the darbuka and doholla playing.
Mısırlı Ahmet has 4 personal solo albums and is recognized today among the major and most famous musicians of the world, to whom the global music community is subdued.
He is currently giving workshops & concerts all over the world, & also has a big number of participations with other famous and recognized artists.
After 2007 he owns and runs his own rhythm school In Istanbul- Turkey, which is dedicated to teach his pioneered technique & compositions, & has become a pole attraction to People world wide.