The Team

The theatrical group Dromos me Dentra was brought together by the theatre director and actress Martha Frintzila and the composer and set designer Vassilis Mantzoukis in the year 2000. Over the past twelve years, it has presented twelve theatrical performances and eleven experimental plays. In addition, it has taken part in musical and theatrical festivals in Greece and abroad.
Dromos me Dentra has collaborated with a number of well-known music institutions, such as the Greek National Theatre, the Athens Music Hall, the theatre of Neos Kosmos and the Chora Theatre. It also participates in the annual Music Village festival in Pelion. Academically, the group has collaborated with Stockton College of New Jersey and Princeton University of New Jersey as well as with the Department of Theatrical Studies of the Athens University.



2019 Cain -a mystery, George Gordon Byron (National Observatory of Athens)
2018 Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus (Athens Epidaurus Festival)
2017 Philoctetes, Sophocles (Aeschylia Festival)
2016 Aeschylus Persians (Aeschylia Festival)
2015 Alfred de Musset TEA AT COUNTESS'S PERGOLI
2014 Sophocles AJAX -3rd revision
2013 Euripides BACCHAE
2012 Gabriel Garcia Marquez ARIDNERE -an extravagant cabaret
2012 Henri Desire Landru DRAMA PERPETUA
2011 Anton Chekov THREE SISTERS
2011 Euripides ELECTRA
2008 Sophocles AJAX -2nd revision
2008 R.Schimmelpfennig  ARABIAN NIGHT
2007-8 Nikolai Leskov KATERINA ISMAILOVA
2007 Sophocles AJAX
2006-7 Lioudmila Petrosevskaya LOVE
2004-5 Marivaux THE HERITAGE  
2003 Rainer Maria Rilke THE FOREIGNER  
2002 Euripides ION
2002 Samuel Beckett  STIRRINGS STILL