An extravagant cabaret based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novella The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and her Heartless Grandmother, directed by Martha Frintzila and performed by the theatrical group Dromos me Dentra.


Production Team:
Revised & Directed by: Martha Frintzila
Music & Lyrics: Vassilis Mantzoukis
Setting Designers: Ilianna Skoulaki, Vassilis Mantzoukis
Costume Designer: Ilianna Skoulaki
Choreographer: Camilo Bentancor
Lighting Designer: Melina Mascha
Assistant Setting Designer: Ioannis Kotidis 
Assistant Director: Danae Papaioannou 
Videographer: Aris Zaglis 

ERENDIRA: Theano Metaxa 
GRANDMOTHER: Martha Frintzila 
NARRATOR: Katerina Patsiani
ULYSSES: Giorgos Frintzilas 

Stavroula Pavlikou (flute, piano, vocals)
Michalis Panadis (piano, vocals)
Vangelis Paraskevaidis (vibraphone, percussion)
Giannis Polychronakis (contrabass) 

Entrance on a voluntary contribution
Starts at: 22:00 p.m.
Duration: 1 hr :10 min.
BAUMSTRASSE 8, Servion Street, 2nd Floor, Votanikos
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Summary of the play:
Fourteen year old Erendira lives with her grandmother in a mansion somewhere in the desert. She occupies herself by taking care of her grandmother and the enormous house. However, one night she accidentally sets fire to the curtains and the mansion is burned down to ashes. Erendira must pay for this terrible accident with the only thing valuable: her own body. All the village's men will sleep with her. And when all village men are done with her, her grandmother will lead her to the depths of the desert, at the smugglers’ crossroads, where Erendira will literally sell her body to every passerby, be it young or old. All day. Every day. If she carries on in that pace, she will be able to pay back her dept in ten years. At this point, Ulysses shows up in her tent. He wants to make love to her and take her with him to the sea. Together, the young couple decides to get rid of Erendira’s grandmother. However, the old lady is not an easy case to deal with.

Innocent Erendira
Innocent Erendira is prostituted in her own house by her own kin. Being in debt, used and abused, she endures her martyrdom, humiliation and debasement without being able to articulate a word of objection.
Innocent Erendira is sold piece by piece by her beloved tyrant who wears the dark cloak of the victim. She kneels, crawls and offers her body to the mighty and vigorous in order to get atoned and pay back her unwilling dept. 
Innocent Erendira submissively serves a dept which gets bigger by the minute. She is humiliated and purified by the same things that make her dirty. Her vilification is both a curse and a wish.
Erendira endures her martyrdom like Argentina.
Erendira endures her martyrdom like Greece.
What happens though when Erendira decides to object to what is happening to her?
Does she have the strength to deny offering her services?
Is there a chance that deep down she is the only responsible for her troubles?
Is her story, history and descent to blame?
Have the devilish feelings of guilt made her so passive and slavish?
Or is innocent Erendira a guilty victim of her own being and does not wish to be free?