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Theatre Director / Actress / Singer / Acting and voice teacher.
Born in Eleusis in 1972. Based in Athens, Greece.
Director of "Dromos me Dentra" theatre group.
Founding member of the Kratiras Arts Space in Athens.
Founder of Baumstrasse Studio in Athens (
Founder of Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama ( member of the International network of Ancient drama in Greece (Ministry of Culture).
Leading singer in the “Kubara Project” and “Stacy” bands

Theatre Directing Work:
2019 • Cain -a mystery, George Gordon Byron (National Observatory of Athens)
2018 • Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus (Athens Epidaurus Festival)
     • Prometheus -a poem, (Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama )
     • We have a reservation for you, M. Frintzila / E.Kokkidou (theatre of Neos Kosmos)
2017 • Stones from God, Tom Papademetriou / Pam Hendricks (Stockton University, New Jersey)
     • Philoctetes, Sophocles (Aischyleia Festival)
     • The Bacchae, Euripides, (Athens Epidaurus Festival)
2016 • Ion, Euripides (Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama)
     • Fafsta, Mendis Bostantzoglou (Proskinio theatre)
     • Kwaidan, Lefcadio Hern (Baumstrasse Studio)
2015 • The Persians, Aeschylus (Aischyleia Festival)
     • The Courtyard of miracles, Iakovos Kambanellis (Stockton University, New Jersey)
     • Libation Bearers, Aeschylus (Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama)
     • Tea at countess's Pergoli, based on the works of Alfred de Musset (Baumstrasse Studio)
2014 • Ajax, Sophocles (Aischyleia Festival)
2013 • The Bacchae, Euripides, (Aischyleia Festival)
2012 • Aridnere -an extravagant cabaret, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Baumstrasse Studio)
2011 • Electra, Euripides (Baumstrasse Studio)
2010 • L’ Affaire de la Rue de Lourcine, Eugene Labiche (Poreia Theatre)
2009 • Rue Lepsius, Dionysis Kapsalis - Nikos Xydakis (Athens Festival)
2008 • Fortunatos, Marcos Antonios Foskolos (National Theatre)
     • Love, Lioudmilla Petrousevskaya (Hora Theatre)
     • Ajax, Sophocles (National theatre)
     • Arabian Night, R.Schimmelpfennig (theatre of Neos Kosmos)
2007 • Katerina Ismailova Nikolai Leskov (theatre of Neos Kosmos)
     • Blind Point, Yannis Manritsakis (Poreia theatre)
     • Ajax Sophocles (Kratiras Arts Space)
2006 • Love Lioudmilla Petrousevskaya (Kratiras Arts Space)
2004 • Les Legs, Marivaux (Kratiras Arts Space)
2003 • The Foreigner, Rainer Maria Rilke (Kratiras Arts Space)
2002 • Stirrings Still &What Is The Word, Samuel Beckett (Athens School of Fine Arts)
     • Ion, Euripides (Kratiras Arts Space)
1998 • On Ne Badine Pas Avec l’Amour, A. de Musset (University of Athens)
1997 • The Dragon, Evgeny Shvarts (University of Athens)
     • Delivery in Quality, Martha Frintzila (University of Athens)
1996 • Autoschedies, Martha Frintzila (University of Athens)
     • Bodas de Sangre, F. G. Lorca (University of Athens)


Theatre Acting Work:
2019 • Cain -a mystery, George Gordon Byron (National Observatory of Athens)
2017 • Bacchae, Euripides (Athens Epidaurus Festival)
2017 • Dad, do you dance?, Akyllas Karazisis (Municipal theatre of Piraeus)
2013 • Bacchae, Euripides (Aischyleia Festival)
2014 • Hippolytus, Euripides, dir. L. Koniordou (National Theatre)
2012 • Aridnere -an extravagant cabaret, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Baumstrasse Studio)
2009 • UNA-Unknown Negative Activity, Rootlessroot, (Archa Theatre, Prague)
2005-6 • Love, Lioudmilla Petrousefskaya (Kratiras Arts Space)
2004 • The Swallow Song, dir. L. Koniordou (Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
2003 • I Can’t Fit Anywhere, Sinequanon (Kratiras Arts Space)
2002-3 • The Buck’s Night, dir. S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre)
2002 • Iphigenia in Aulis, Euripides, dir. K. Tsianos (National Theatre)
2002 • Stirrings Still & What Is The Word, S. Beckett dir. B. Mantzoukis- M. Frintzila, (Athens School of Fine Arts)
2000 • Yerma F. G. Lorca, dir. K. Tsianos (National Theatre)
1998-2000 • The Murderess, A. Papadiamandis, dir. S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre)
1997 • Lysistrata, Aristophanes, dir. D. Chronopoulos (National Theatre)
1996 • Electra, Sophocles, dir. L. Koniordou (National Theatre)
1995 • Trojan Women, Euripides, dir. K. Bacas (Kalamata Municipal Theatre)
1994 • Calderon, P. P. Pasolini, dir. S. Tsakiris (National Theatre)
1994 • Clouds, Aristophanes, dir. K. Damatis (National Theatre)
1993 • Animal Farm, G. Orwell, dir. D. Potamitis (National Theatre)
1993 • Medea, Euripides, dir. N. Charalambous (National Theatre)

Chorus Coordinator and Music Advisor Work:
2004 • The Swallow Song dir. L. Koniordou (Getty Museum Los Angeles)
2004 • Sacred Marriage S. Hatzakis dir. S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre)
2003 • The Last Temptation of Christ N. Kazantzakis dir. S. Hatzakis (National Theatre)
2001-3 • The Buck’s Night S. Hatzakis dir.S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre)
2001 • Songs for Men Zoe Spyropoulou dir.N. Bousdoukos (New Greek Theatre)
2000 • Alcestes Euripides dir.L. Koniordou (National Theatre)
1999 • Electra Sophocles dir.L. Koniordou (Binghamton University of NY)

As a singer she participated in:
2018-19 • Martha Frintzila -Saturday Confessions -live at Gialino music hall
2018 • Martha Frintzila -Manos Eleftheriou tribute (Athens concert hall)
2018 • Martha Frintzila sings russian songs (Nikos Kazantzakis foundation)
     • Martha Frintzila The KUBARA PROJECT -on tour
2017 • Martha Frintzila -ReZitaL Serfie -on tour
2016 • Martha Frintzila The KUBARA PROJECT -Christmas edition (Athens)
     • Martha Frintzila -Foivos Delivorias -Argyris Bakirtzis (19th Antiracist Festival -Athens)
     • Martha Frintzila sings Russian Songs (Aikaterini Laskaridis foundation)
     • Martha Frintzila sings Theatre Songs (Aikaterini Laskaridis foundation)
     • Baumstrasse Super Stage (Baumstrasse Studio, Athens)
2015 • Martha Frintzila ΑΩ (Princeton University, New Jersey)
2014 • Martha Frintzila -Takis Farazis (Aischyleia Festival -Eleusis )
2013-15 • Martha Frintzila - Panagiotis Tsevas, ReZitaL -on tour
2013-15 • Martha Frintzila The KUBARA PROJECT#3 -on tour
2013 • Martha Frintzila -Maria Farandouri -Mazaher Ensemble (Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama)
2012 • STACY feat. Martha Frintzila (16th Antiracist Festival -Athens)
     • Martha Frintzila – Foivos Delivorias “Barefoot on Stage” -on tour
2011 • Jasmin Levy – Mehtap Demir – Martha Frintzila “My Sweet Canary” -on tour
     • Martha Frintzila – Panagiotis Tsevas “ReZitaL” -on tour
     • Stavros Xarchakos –live (Herodeion Theatre -Athens festival)
     • Nikos Xydakis – Maurice El Medioni –live
2010 • Haris Alexiou – Martha Frintzila –on tour
     • Nikos Xydakis “It happened in Athens” –live
     • Martha Frintzila “Manos Hatzidakis Tribute” (14th Antiracist festival-Athens)
     • The Kubara project II -on tour
2009 • The Kubara project II -on tour
     • Martha Frintzila & Friends (Athens concert hall)
     • Lena Platonos -live
     • Tania Tsanaklidou+Martha Frintzila –on tour
2008 • Lena Platonos 08 (Athens festival)
     • Stamatis Kraounakis X-skinis (Athens festival)
     • Baumstrasse -on tour
     • The Kubara project II -on tour
     • Hainides live
2007 • Martha Frintzila “The Kubara Project” (11th Antiracist festival)
     • George Dalaras-Tragoudia me Ousies (Athens festival)
     • The Kubara Project live
     • Federico Garcia Lorca «Un poeta en Nueva York»
2005-8 • Maria Farandouri – Martha Frintzila -on tour
2003-7 • Thanasis Papakonstantinou & Laikedelika -on tour
2006 • 4th European Social Forum (Athens)
     • 1st Balkan Art Market (Thessalonica)
     • 7th Polyphonic Festival (Athens)
     • Ochrid Festival (Ochrid)
2005 • 7th Festival Voix des Femmes (Brussels)
     • 10th Festival Manos Hadzidakis (Xanthi)
     • My eyes have seen the Walter Testa music company -on tour
     • Every Trip is Trip In One Way the Walter Testa music company -on tour
2004 • Martha Frintzila (Aeschyleia Festival -Eleusis)
     • Ethnic Festival of Preveza (Preveza)
     • Stories of Names The Walter Testa music company
2003 • 7th Antiracist Festival -Athens
     • Lambros D.Solomos (Alekton theatre)
2002 • The T.K Diary The Walter Testa music company
2001 • Jorge Luis Borges El Inmortal M. Grigoriou (M. Mercouri Institute)
2000 • Memory Landscapes Lydia Koniordou (M. Mercouri Institute)

Workshops-Seminars -Master Classes:
2019 • Who or What is Medea?, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2018 •Traditional Greek Songs, Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, (Piraeus)
     •Prometheus, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2017 •Boxing the Chorus, Epidaurus Lyceum (Epidaurus)
     •Princeton Global Seminar, Staging the Greeks (Athens, Epidaurus)
     •Traditional Greek Songs, Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, (Piraeus)
     •Voice of people, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •Voice of People, Theatre School (Rethymnon)
     •Philoctetes, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2016 •Traditional Greek Songs, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •Traditional Greek Songs, Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, (Piraeus)
     •Voice of people, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •D.Solomos Lambros, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •The Other's Story Music village (Pelion)
2015 •Euripides "Ion", Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •Voice of people, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •Interpreting myth in drama, BAM (New York)
     •Ten minute tragedy, Princeton University (New Jersey)
     •Aeschylus "Libation bearers", Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2014 •Voice of people, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2013 •Voice of people, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
2012 •Bacchae, Baumstrasse studio (Athens)
     •Seven deadly sins, Music village (Pelion)
     •Boxing the chorus” Baumstrasse Studio (Athens)
     •Boxing the chorus, Stockton College (New Jersey)
     •Voice of people, Baumstrasse Studio (Athens)
     •The Epic of Gilgamesh, Baumstrasse Studio (Athens)
2011 •The Power of Voice, Baumstrasse Studio (Athens)
     •Declarations of Love, Music Village (Pelion)
2010 •Lefcadio Hern, Music Village (Pelion)
     •Lefcadio Hern, Teatro Studio, Piccolo Teatro (Milano)
2008 •Los Ojos y la Voz, Music Village (Pelion)
     •Traditional Greek Songs, Municipality of Sitia (Crete)
     •Ancient Greek Drama and New Interpretations, National Theatre (Athens)
2007 •The Actor's Voice, Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki
     •Sophocles “Ajax” , “Desmi” Centre for Ancient Drama (Athens)
     •The Ancient Greek Tragedies Project, Kratiras (Athens)
2006 •The Ancient Greek Tragedies Project, Kratiras (Athens)

2004 •The Ancient Greek Tragedies Project, Kratiras (Athens)
2003 •The Actor's Voice, School of Fine Arts (Athens)
2002 •The Ancient Greek Tragedies Project, Kratiras (Athens)
     •Traditional Greek Songs

Discography/ Participations:
•Michalis & Pandelis Kalogerakis “Voukolikon” (2015)
•Martha Frintzila -Takis Farazis (music corner 2014)
•Martha Frintzila sings Themos Scandamis (mikros heros 2011)
•Dimitris Mitsotakis Eudaimones (Lyra 2010)
•Martha Frintzila “2 Nyhtes sta Megara” (mikrosheros 2009)
•Hainides “Kathodos ton Saltimbagon” (mbi 2009)
•Gerasimos Neofytos “Gynaikeios Rolos” (seven islands 2009)
•Vassilis Mantzoukis-Martha Frintzila “Katerina Ismailova” (faosmusic 2008)
•Endeleheia “S’ena Megalo Avrio” (Sony bmg 2008)
•Themos Scandamis "Makrovouti" (Kathreftis, 2008)
•George Dalaras "Tragoudia me Ousies" (Universal, 2008)
•Vassilis Mantzoukis- Martha Frintzila "Baumstrasse" (Libra, 2007)
•Vangelis Fabas "O Gios tou Fylaka" (Sony bmg, 2007)
•Dimitris Baslam "O Agisilagos" (Sony bmg, 2007)
•Thanasis Papakonstantinou "Diaphanous" (Achos, 2006)
•Thanasis Papakonstantinou "I Vrohi Apo Kato" (Lyra, 2006)
•Dimitris Baslam "O Gargalistis" (Sony bmg, 2005)
•Theros "Theros" (2005)
•Thanasis Papakonstantinou "Ta Zontana" (Lyra, 2004)
•“The Diaspora of Rembetiko” (Network, 2004)
•Vasilis Skoulas "Anastoroumai" (Knosos, 1998)

2008 Katerina Ismailova (theatrical play based on the novel of Nicolai Leskov The Lady Mackbeth of Mtsensk) published by Neos Kosmos Theatre

2015 Patric Murphy “Martha Frintzila-a portrait” (Tennessee University -film studies)
2014 Katerina Patroni -Ilia Papaspyrou “The art of Crisis -Theatre”
2012 Andrea Borgarello “The Contemporary Greek Crisis” (
2008 Thanasis Papakostas "Sta Kerata tou Tavrou" (Thessaloniki film festival)
2007 Iro Siafliaki -Timon Koulmasis "Bienvenue chez Martha" (TV arte)

2005 Menis Theodoridis "Sea Tale" (ERT)
2009 Kyriakos Katzourakis “Small revolts” (role of Marica)

Long Term Posts:
National Theatre of Greece 1997-present (actress-director)
National Theatre of Greece Drama School 2008-2013 (acting teacher)
Baumstrasse Studio 2010-present (director, acting & voice teacher)
Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama 2012-present (director, acting teacher)
Music Village 2008-present (acting & voice teacher)
Princeton University 2008-present, Global Seminar 2017 (theatre workshops and seminars)
Stockton University 2010-present (workhops and seminars, theatre director)
Kratiras Arts Space 2000-2009 (co-director)
Desmi Centre for Ancient Greek Drama 2005 -present (collaborator)
Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation 2016-present (educational programs)
Between the Seas Festival 2017 (co-producer)

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