Andys Skordis Biography

Andys Skordis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1983. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Composition and Film Scoring with Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, and gained his Master’s degree in Composition from the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with Zeer Goed. Additionally, he holds a post-graduate degree in Karnatic music from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and in Balinese Gamelan from ISI Denpasar, Indonesia.

Andys has composed more than 50 works including operas, orchestral and chamber music, oratorios, gamelan pieces and music for dance and short films. His piece “The deeper you go…” was awarded with the Buma Toonzetters Prize 2012, naming him composer of the year in The Netherlands for 2012. Furthermore, his ballet “O Ippis…” was awarded the 1st prize at a competition held by Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in 2013, his piano quintet “17…why not 37?” was awarded the 1st prize at the International Competition for piano quintet in 2016 in South Korea, and more. Apart from these, Andys was awarded with prizes, scholarships and artistic subsidies from The Netherlands, Cyprus, Indonesia, U.S.A , Iceland and Mexico. Besides composing he is the founder of the free improvisation collective “The Brain Masturbation”.

Andys music finds inspiration in the primordial human nature, in ceremonial and mystical rituals from the world and from his personal experiences. He considers his music as a time sculpture that adopts form in the context it is performed.

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